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So you’re getting married. That’s great πŸ˜ƒ

Here are a few
not-so-fun facts
about wedding

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85% wedding couples have reportedly
waited for months πŸ“… to receive their
wedding album.

β€œ You’d be lucky to get it before your first anniversary. ”

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Choosing photos takes an average of
100 tedious hours ⏰

β€œ Do you really want to spend your honeymoon sorting through a thousand photographs? ”

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Whatsapp is the most commonly
used digital platform to share wedding photographs.

β€œ Imagine your precious wedding photos lying in the midst of all those Good Morning messages. ”

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70% of all wedding invitations ends up
in the trash πŸ—‘οΈ even before the
wedding takes place.

β€œ There are literally hundreds of better ways to throw your money away. ”

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The easiest way to collaborate
with your wedding photographer

Showcase your album, digitally

Preserve your wedding memories in high-quality digital albums

Share the memories of your special day instantly with a stunning digital album.
With our AI powered technology, your friends can spot their pictures and videos
instantly within this unlimited gallery, no matter where they are!

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Choosing photos made easy

Select your favourite wedding photos in the company of your family
from anywhere, anytime and any device via a completely secure
online photo gallery. No fuss, no confusion!

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Invite your guests in style

Add a personal touch to your big celebration with a beautifully
designed digital invitation, packed with useful features. From elegant
templates to quirky caricatures, your instantly shareable digital invite
is sure to make an impression!

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Without Premagic


Time consuming process


Additional expense of pen drives or external hard disks


Manual selection of photos by jotting down filenames


Confusion when multiple people are involved in selection process


Spamming friends with heavy-sized photos


Eats up disk space in your devices


Risk of losing the photographs

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With Premagic


Lightning fast processing


Access from any device and location


Swipe and tap photo selection


Collaborate with spouse/family in photo selection


AI powered face recognition technology


One click social sharing of album of upto 60GB


Securely preserved on the Cloud

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Hours saved

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